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The main purposes of the service are:
  • To help clients during their stay in Bulgaria

The accompaniment is not a real interpreting. It takes place in informal situations such as accommodation, shopping, traveling, etc., including hunting and fishing. In contrast to it, the business assistance, which can also be done for natural persons, is an accompaniment in various institutions.
  • To disclose the beauty of Bulgaria, historical and cultural monuments to foreigners

This type of accompaniment is called "tourist accompaniment" because our collaborators provide information about the visited places.

Bulgaria – the center of the Balkans – is a country with a rich history, so there are many monuments that date back to antiquity, the Middle Ages and modern times. The cultural tourism shows the country in the light of events not only at national, but also at international level. There are historical monuments from the times of the Thracians and the Romans, Bulgarian monasteries and churches, buildings of cultural significance, art exhibitions of exceptional Bulgarian painters, which might be visited. 

Bulgaria also has a wonderful nature. The parks, mountains, caves, rivers are wonderful. The ecological tourism is a developing branch, but now offers many choices.

It is always interesting to get to know a new country and its way of life, to get into a different society, to socialize with the population and to feel the spirit of the history and the modern people.

There are some possibilities for the tourist accompaniment:
- The customer indicates the places he would like to visit, the program for the day shall be discussed and then approved by both parties;
- The customer explains the sphere of his interests and on the basis of this we propose an appropriate solution;
- The customer chooses the tourist trips planned in advance by ATI BG.