Additional services

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Besides the main services, in addition to the written translation, we offer also:
The editing is reviewing and making changes to the text that are necessary to remove terminological inconsistencies, for making more precise the sequence, the logical connections, the coherence and the stylistic soundness in order to improve the quality. The editors compare the translation with the source text, make corrections or recommendations and send them to the translator.
After the editing, it shall be made a proofreading, which ensures the graphical layout and the removal of eventual technical, spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. 

In principle, editing and proofreading go hand in hand, but at the customer's request it might be made only proofreading. 

These two services are extremely important for materials, which will be printed, or those, which are intended for the general public. 
The localization is another service which is connected to the translation. The localization is a process of adaptation of a product (software or Internet site) to the peculiarities and the requirements of a concrete country or region. 

For the localization, for example, after taking into account the relevant environment and the target market, the date and the hour shall be reformatted and it shall be made currency conversion and also conversion of units of measure. 

For the translation of a web site in order to fulfill its function, the proper transmission of content from the source to the target language is not sufficient. The localization also provides analysis and positioning of the right "keywords", as well as a number of other steps that are performed by the translator and the programmer and coordinated by the customer in order for the final product to be accessible, understandable, well positioned – and namely to fulfill its function.