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The choice of the person who will forward your message, largely determines the success of your negotiations or your meeting!

The figure of the interpreter plays an essential role in all situations where it is important to communicate quickly and accurately, reproducing faithfully all shades without changing the meaning of the message.

The good interpreter must have specific qualities such as strong concentration, punctuality, memory, discipline, ethics and general culture.

He/she must be able to work in a team and under stress, adapting to different situations and to the type of audience in order to interact in the best way with his/ her interlocutors.

The interpreter transmits verbal messages in real time from one language to another.

Depending on the case, the most appropriate type of interpretation is chosen:
Simultaneous interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation is the fastest technique. It is performed almost at the same time as the speaker's speech. Besides qualified interpreters, it is necessary to be used technical means - cabin, headphones, microphones.
This type of interpretation is suitable for events, symposia and conferences with a large audience.
Consecutive interpretation
For a smaller number of participants, it can be chosen the consecutive interpretation, for which it is not required the use of specific devices. As its name implies, the consecutive interpretation is performed consecutively, after each speaker's pause, and therefore it requires more time than the simultaneous interpretation.
This type of interpretation is appropriate for events, symposia and conferences with a smaller audience.
Interpretation at negotiations
For conversations in a limited circle of people, is preferable the interpretation which can be performed both simultaneously, but without the use of technical means, or consecutively, or through a combination of the two ways.
This type of interpretation is suitable for business meetings, fairs, visits to factories and companies.
Interpretation before the notary public
To be signed a public act by a foreigner, the Bulgarian notary public requires the person to be accompanied by a sworn interpreter who also signs the document and takes criminal responsibility in case of untrue interpretation. The interpretation is simultaneous and/or consecutive, according to the preferences of the client and the requirements of the notary public.
This type of interpretation is necessary for the conclusion of contracts, the signing of powers of attorney and declarations by foreigners.