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ATI BG offers standard and specialized translations with a possibility for online order and delivery times according to your needs.

The translations are performed by sworn translators, listed in the register of the Consular Relations Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria or by translators who have specialization in the specific field. We work in different fields – from personal and official documents to medical and juridical texts.

The translations we offer are divided into some CATEGORIES:

  • Certified translation
     It is performed by sworn translators, listed in the register of the Consular Relations Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria. The translation is signed by the respective translator and thereby he certifies its fidelity and bears the responsibility for its authenticity. The translation is attached to the source document and provided with the company stamp.
  • Legalized translation
    In this type of translation, the signature of the qualified translator shall be certified (authenticated) by the respective institutions (it is necessary the source document to be firstly provided with the respective state certifications and/or the Apostille). 
  • Unofficial translation
    It is a translation from a professional translator of documents and materials for which it is not necessary to affix the translator’s signature (at the customer's choice it is delivered in DOC, PDF format or in paper form).

We work in a large variety of FIELDS:


Exemplary documents and materials that fall within the above-mentioned fields: balance sheet, financial statement, contract, power of attorney, notary deed, company statutes, report, complaint, legal act, decree, patent, offer, price list, presentation, brochure, menu, website, manual, technical specifications, safety data sheet, epicrisis, expert opinion, immunization passport, patient’s chart, ambulatory sheet, diploma, diploma supplement, certificate, birth certificate, conviction certificate, employment booklet, personal and business correspondence, etc. 

You can ask us for a translation from/to the following LANGUAGES:

Bulgarian, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Macedonian, Slovenian, Dutch, Hungarian, Slovak, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Arabic, Chinese and other languages.  

We adhere to the following WORKING PRINCIPLE:

  • Communication
    The good communication with customers and translators is extremely important to us. It is one of the keys to achieving a good product and a satisfied customer. Please do not hesitate to ask us all your questions!
  • Specialization
    We assign the tasks to translators with experience and specialization in the respective field.
  • Punctuality
    We deliver the translations within the agreed term and respect the commitment we have made. 
  • Quality
    The translations are checked for technical errors and omissions by a corrector, and at the client’s request, the stylistic and linguistic revision or terminological revision by a specialist is also carried out.